Graphic Design

There are three possible responses to a piece of design: Yes, No or WOW.

  • Our design solutions are drawn from experience gained working with clients across the globe.
  • Our knowledge of how brands communicate with people through the medium of design is genuinely unparalleled.

Pictured: Yakima’s European sales fleet, wrapped to evoke the outdoor – lifestyle brand.

A Branded Sales Car Fleet for Yakima

Design for Print

Our graphic design process:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the brand and its persona.
  • Analyse where and how the customer will be exposed to the design material.
  • Recognise the design material’s place within the wider communication picture.
  • Create an impactful and communicative visual design which performs within the parameters defined above.
  • Liaise with print suppliers as required to determine special requirements and deliver print ready files in the required formats.

Typical Applications:

  • Corporate stationery and signage.
  • Brochures, catalogues, flyers and posters.
  • Point of sale displays.

Digital Design

Our process:

  • Develop a deep understanding of the brand.
  • Recognise the place and time of delivery to obtain a clear picture of the viewers’ interaction with the design.
  • Understand the overall communication picture and how the digital material fits into it.
  • Analyse the target media to understand how versatile the design will need to be for multiple formats (e.g. mobile news feed, desktop sidebar, banner, POS kiosk, presentation, etc).
  • Create clear, impactful visuals and messaging, with versions suitable for selected applications.

Typical Applications:

  • Point of sale screens, banners and kiosks.
  • Powerpoint and Keynote presentations.
  • Digital stationery and email signatures.


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