An exhibition is a rare opportunity to make your brand completely unforgettable.

  • Having worked with clients across the world from many different categories, Fizzbuzz has the expo design experience to deliver real impact for your brand.
  • We have created successful exhibition stands from large, custom displays to small 3×3 booths, indoors and outdoors.

Pictured: A portable exhibition stand for VOL water filter products.

VOL Water Filters Display Stand

Exhibition Design

Our exhibition design process:

  • Develop a clear understanding of the brand and products for display and how customers relate to them.
  • Understand how the products for display are used.
  • Discover the advantages the products offer and their points of difference compared to competitors.
  • Develop scenarios where potential customers can simultaneously experience the product first-hand, whilst understanding its clear competitive differences.
  • Design a cohesive and impactful environment that enables product interaction, signposts product advantages and showcases the brand.
  • Ensure visitors to the stand can be engaged in points of interest whilst waiting for attention.

Exhibition Management

Stand organisation can require a major investment of time. Fizzbuzz helps with exhibition management when required, to ensure the entire exhibition design is delivered successfully.

Our process:

  • Liaise with event organisers to determine deadlines, available support services and build/breakdown schedules.
  • Commission and monitoring of print and production of stand signage.
  • Commission and monitoring of fabrication of custom stand display items.
  • Organise hire and installation of temporary items.
  • Design and commission of promotional items.
  • Fulfil event organisers’ marketing package requirements.
  • Schedule deliveries from suppliers to event venue.
  • Assist with bump-in and bump-out.


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