A brand is not what you tell consumers it is. It’s what consumers tell each other it is.

  • As an international branding company, the insight that is available to you from Fizzbuzz contains all the potential to make yours a leading brand in your market.
  • We have been responsible for creating very many prosperous brands. We have also helped to redirect established brands towards greater success.

Pictured: A branding programme for Ezi-Fresh odour-eating granules.

Ezi-Fresh Branding Programme

Creating New Brands

Our branding process:

  • Drill down to the core of what your product or service represents to people.
  • Clearly define its strongest characteristics.
  • Understand what those characteristics truly mean to people in the context of your market and geographical presence.
  • Develop a personality for your brand with irresistible appeal for prospective customers.
  • Create a communication style to channel your brand’s persona.
  • Evolve a brand logo and other core marketing communication elements.
  • Establish clear brand guidelines so that the brand persona is communicated consistently via every part of your operation.

Evolving Established Brands

Our process:

  • Understand what your brand represented at the time of its creation and how that appealed to customers.
  • Recognise how your product or service has evolved over time and how the market you are active in has changed also.
  • Determine how your customers’ expectations of brands in your market have changed as a result of competitor activity and social evolution.
  • Develop a clear update plan for your brand’s persona, which is sympathetic to its historic success but more appealing to a modern audience.
  • Evolve the brand logo in keeping with the new position. Develop other core marketing communications components.
  • Produce brand guidelines which establish the new ‘rules’ and clearly explain the changes so that they can be understood throughout your organisation.

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